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19 Best Blender With Glass Jar of 2021 - Reviewed

With 153346 objective reviews of consumers, we ranked the top 19 products you may be keen on the Best Blender With Glass Jar.

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  1. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black
    Score 7
    JK Score
    Brand Oster
  2. Oster 4093-008 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender, Brushed Stainless
    Score 9.6
    JK Score
    Brand Oster
  3. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish - BVCB07-Z00-NP0
    Score 10
    JK Score
    Brand Oster
  4. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor, Brushed Chrome, 3 cup, count of 6
    Score 8.8
    JK Score
    Brand Cuisinart
  5. Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel
    Score 9.2
    JK Score
    Brand Oster
  6. Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Scozer 2000W High Speed Smoothie Blender for Kitchen, 59 Oz + 44 Oz Hot & Cold Countertop Glass Jars Food Blender for Cocktail, Soup, Juice, Cream
    Score 8.3
    JK Score
    Brand BAMOUSSE
  7. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup and Food Processor Attachment, Brushed Nickel - BLSTMB-CBF-000
    Score 9.7
    JK Score
    Brand Oster
  8. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72 Oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16 Oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies, Gray
    Score 8.1
    JK Score
    Brand Ninja
  9. Galanz Digital Cooking Blender for Cold and Hot Blending, 8 Pre-Programmed Settings, and 60-Ounce Glass Jar, Stainless Steel Blending Base
    Score 9.4
    JK Score
    Brand Galanz

Showing 11-19 in 19 results



Blender is a familiar and essential tool in the kitchen of each family. The blender helps us to puree food quickly, easily, and effectively. This helps the housewife to simplify the smoothie-making process. With a blender, you will have delicious, nutritious smoothies, pureed meat batches to cook porridge. As well, you can grind onions, garlic to make eye-catching sauces.

On the market today, there are many types of blenders with diverse designs, many efficient grinding functions. Among them, the type of blender with a glass jar is very popular. Our article today will guide you to choose the best blenders with glass jar. At the same time, you will be advised of the top suggested and most popular products on the market.

Type of products

This Oster blender glass jar has three distinct features in one. It comes with a glass jug, a food blender, coupled with an accompanying 24-ounce smoothie, making it one of the best glass jars for smoothies. It has many functions, and you can use it to make smoothies to salsa, and from soups to purees. This Oster blender glass will not make you dissatisfied.

A blender with a glass jar consumes 1200 electrical energy and can therefore mix the ingredients in your blender in seconds after turning it on. There are 7 different speed levels you can choose from, hence the name Pro.

2. Vitamix Explorian Blender

You will get the best blenders with glass jar by buying Vitamix's Vitamix Explorian Blender. This Vitamix glass container is the best product for life to help you mix your diet. You will process food to make the best juice from the speed controller, which saves your time and your preparation fast and easily. Considered as a blender stainless steel, this Vitamix glass carafe will surely help you utilize this blender for a long time because of its durability.

3. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

This Ninja glass blender is just one of the numerous models you can find on the market. So, during this review, we'll tell you everything you would like to understand about this countertop blender so you'll decide whether it’s the proper model for you.

The Ninja Professional Blender characteries an eye-catching design and outstanding performance with 1000 watts of professional capacity. When you combine such power with the Ninja Total Crushing blades you'll have the power to crush even the toughest of ingredients. From vegetables and fruits when you’re making those healthy smoothies, and even ice, if you’re suddenly within the mood for a few frozen margaritas. With 4 different speeds (low, medium, high, and pulse) you'll ready to use this blender for various purposes.

Buying Guides

Today's blender all have a common feature is the ability to puree all kinds of food, turn it into delicious, attractive drinks, support simple and easy housework. But the obvious difference of the products is the material, next to the price and some etching factors. Take a close look at the following factors of the best blender with glass jar when shopping:

1. Glass material

If the blender with the plastic jar is mainly made from plastic, this is a material with the characteristics of being light, durable, not easily broken, or cracked during use. In the glass blender, the main material that this product line chooses is transparent glass. This material has hardness, durability, hydraulic resistance, and anti-cracking when impacted by outside. 

Moreover, it is possible to look inside while it is operating with great aesthetics. However, its disadvantage is that it is heavier than the plastic mortar line. Besides, cleaning or carrying it is not convenient.

2. The jar is stable and clean

You want to choose for yourself a glass or plastic jar. The glass jar is cleaner, more luxurious, and the price is also more expensive. But if you drop it accidentally, you'll need to buy another blender.

As for the plastic jar, although the food safety won't be as high because of the glass jar, it'll be easier to wash, easier to store, and in fact, the price will also be softer.

3. Many uses and support features for users

The blender is appreciated when it can meet the needs of grinding a variety of foods such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, and many other foods. Your glass blender must have a high capacity to easily puree. quick, less chopped blade. When the operation is overloaded, it'll automatically pack up the operation to make sure the security of the user.

Quality blenders with glass jars from many famous brands today are integrated with a safety lock function, the circuit automatically switches off when the power is overloaded to ensure the safety of the user.

4. Eye-catching design

A plastic container that looks more attractive than the regular glass version hasn't yet to be created. The glass jar of blender will become pure, while the plastic will be deposited, especially if you use it to make crushed ice. Also, it will be discolored, if you use it for anything vivid, like berries. The plastic jar will look like you've owned it forever for a few short months. If this is a device that you intend to throw away, there's no reason you can't find one that is at least moderately attractive and some extremely eye-catching.

5. Appropriate Size

The best blenders with glass jar are mostly big. It can serve at least five to eight cups. So if you need a small percentage of the mixer into a glass jar, you should use a version of at least 5 cups.


Surely anyone who goes shopping for a certain product, especially electronic products, raises a lot of questions. Because you cannot see the harmful effects or negative aspects of the product you are looking at right away. Sometimes it is because you do not have much knowledge about the product. Understanding that of customers, we will list below the most common questions asked from shoppers themselves.

1. Is a glass blender better than plastic?

Glass has a number of benefits. That is free of discoloration or scratches and does not stink food like a plastic jar. When grinding ice with a blender, the plastic jar over time can get scratched, losing its clarity. In contrast, the glass jar blender seems to hold a lot longer.

2. Are all Vitamix jars freed from BPA?

First, you would like to know what BPA is and whether all Vitamix containers are BPA-free. Bisphenol A, short for BPA, maybe a chemical which will be found in hard plastic bottles. For household products, Vitamix uses a container made from the Eastman Tritan copolyester that doesn't contain BPA.

3. Can I make hot coffee in a Vitamix blender or not?

The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series smart blender is the best bulletproof coffee grinder on the market. That's because it's built to last and will quickly convert butter, oil, and coffee into a fully sparkling cream. It is especially useful because it is made to handle hot liquids.

4. Does ice grinding damage the blender?

Unless you have a high-power blender, otherwise, leaving the ice in the blender can cause the blade to dull. Use slightly thawed fruit or crushed ice instead.

5. Is Vitamix or Ninja glass blender better?

The Vitamix score is a bit higher when it comes to making soup, but Ninja does it a bit better for its ease of use. They were bound in tests of cold drinks, ice smashing, and noise. However, even if your Ninja blender breaks, you can still buy three more for the same price as a Vitamix.

Final Thoughts

In short, the advantage of the glass blender series is that when using this type of blender the user can observe inside during the grinding process. With a gorgeous design and glass materials, this machine will bring elegance, modernity, glitter, and class.

The glass blender has very high scratch resistance, so after a period of using it remains its original beauty. This is the optimal choice for those that sort of a luxury.

Above is our description of the best blenders with glass jar and some key tips to get one. Below is the summary of the top high-rated product we want to recommend:

Top-rated products:

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