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21 Best Juicer Blenders |2021 Reviews

With 167332 objective reviews of consumers, we ranked the top 21 products you may be keen on the Best Juicer Blenders.

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  1. Portable Blender,Personal Blender with USB Rechargeable Mini Fruit Juice Mixer,Personal Size Blender for Smoothies and Shakes Mini Juicer Cup Travel 380ML,Fruit Juice,Milk
    Score 9.6
    JK Score
    Brand TSKLooy
  2. YKSINX Portable Blender, Smoothie Juicer Cup, Personal Mini Blender for Smoothies, Shakes- Six Blades in 3D, 380ml, 13oz 2000mAh Powerful USB Rechargeable Home Travel Handheld Fruit Juicer (Black)
    Score 9.8
    JK Score
    Brand YKSINX
  3. Portable Blender Juicer Cup, 13.5 Oz Single Serve for Juice, Personal Size Blender For Smoothies and Shakes, Travel, 4000mAh Battery Rechargeable Mini Blender with Six Blades - Black(Single-cup)
    Score 9.7
    JK Score
    Brand IAGREEA
  4. Portable 6 Blades in 3D Juicer Cup,Updated Version Rechargeable Juice Blender Magnetic Secure Switch Electric Fruit Mixer for Superb Mixing 380ml (Blue)
    Score 9.2
    JK Score
    Brand Mialoe
  5. Portable Blender, OBERLY Smoothie Juicer Cup - Six Blades in 3D, 13oz Fruit Mixing Machine with 2000mAh USB Rechargeable Batteries, Ice Tray, Detachable Cup
    Score 9
    JK Score
    Brand OBERLY
  6. Personal Shakes Smoothies Blender juicer - Small Frozen Food and Vegetable Fruit Electric Mix Processor with 2x600 Juicer Cup and One Grind Bottle & Kitchen Travel Stainless
    Score 9.7
    JK Score
    Brand XCXP
  7. Portable Blender Juicer Cup, Travel Blender Bottles with USB Rechargeable for Shakes and Smoothies, Handheld Use in Sports, Gym, Outdoors, Muzpz Personal mini 13 Oz Blender for Kitchen (Mint Green)
    Score 9.3
    JK Score
    Brand MUZPZ
  8. Foruisin Portable Blender, Personal Smoothie Mixer, 14 OZ Small Juicer Cup, Mini Travel Blender, Usb Rechargeble Baby Milkshake Mixing With Six Blades, Cyan
    Score 9.8
    JK Score
    Brand Foruisin
  9. iOCSmart Portable Personal Size Blender, USB Rechargeable Mini Juicer Blender for Smoothies and Shakes with 2 Juicer Cup, 4000mAh High Capacity Batteries (Pink)
    Score 10
    JK Score
    Brand iOCSmart
  10. Portable Blender, Cordless Personal Blender Juicer, Mini Mixer, Smoothies Maker Fruit Blender Cup With USB Rechargeable, 10oz/300ml for Home, Office, Sports, Travel, Outdoors,by Aeitto, Dark Grey
    Score 9.3
    JK Score
    Brand Aeitto

Showing 1-10 in 21 results


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We know that drinking fresh fruit juices and smoothies is great for health and vitality. But, you may have decided that making these drinks at home sounds like a lot of effort. We find that buying a good blender for juicing is a simple solution that makes it easy to create these great drinks with a little patience and knowledge. On the market, there are many types of juicer, making you wonder what to choose. In today's article, we will introduce you to the best juicer blenders and what you need to keep in mind to choose the right item for yourself.

Type of products

Currently on the market, there are 3 different types of blenders and juicers tailored to the needs of consumers. So, before learning about the best juicer blenders today, let us have a look at how to classify the following juicer blender:

1. Centrifugal juicer blender

This is a popular machine on pork belly that is chosen by a large number of users. At the same time, there is an attractive price compared to what this press machine offers. This best blender for juicing and smoothies features a high speed centrifugal pressing technology designed with a grinding plate. There are also multiple blades and blades, lid with feed slot, etc. thereby helping the fruit to be grated and separate the water from the sebum by centrifugal force.

2. Low-speed juicer blender

This juice mixer has a low-speed design, so the rotation speed is only 70 - 85 rpm. When the fruit is inserted, the spiral screw slowly feeds the ingredients into the sieve. At the same time no friction and centrifugal force against the juice. In addition, the pulp separator will push the pulp out and the juice will flow out naturally.

3. Multi-function juicer blender

This machine can grind and squeeze a variety of fruits and vegetables. The feeding tube in this press is large in diameter, the blade is made of stainless steel rod. Hence, you can squeeze the fruit without having to chop it. At the same time, it can squeeze a variety of fruits and vegetables such as avocado, tomato, celery, cucumber, etc.


1. Is this juicer blender durable?

Most of the juicer product is made from high quality materials and applied modern technology. At the same time, the machining sentences are made meticulously and carefully in every detail. Therefore, this type of press has a long life and durability within the time.

2. What kind of motor should I look for?

The best engines have enough power to cut through anything you throw at them, including ice and frozen fruit. If you want a fast, powerful machine, you'll probably want to find one that can deliver at least 800 watts or one horsepower. If you want a quieter model and don't need a lot of power, you'll probably be fine with less power.

3. Can the juicer blender mix many different drinks?

This type of juicer blender machine has many different uses and utilities for users, so you can become a barista for your hobby and your family. Just clean, fresh fruits and vegetables and use this juicer. Thereby, you will have a cup of pure flavored juice and ensure maximum nutrition is preserved.

4. How can I clean the machine?

  • Step 1 - Turn off the device: Right after using the device, turn off the device and unplug the machine from the power outlet.

  • Step 2 - Disassemble the machine: Remove the fruit pulp container from the machine, and empty the pulp into the trash. Next, you remove the safety lock pins on both sides of the camera body, lift the lid off the machine, use a plastic spoon to remove all the lint stuck to the lid during the milling process. Then, lift the blender funnel including the strainer and the blender knife from the body.

  • Step 3 - Soak and rinse the machine's parts: Once the machine parts have been removed, rinse each part with warm water to remove any residue left on the machine. Then, you take a tub of hot water mixed with soap and soak the parts of the machine in it.

  • Step 4 - Proceed to scrub the machine's parts: After soaking with soap, use a sponge brush to scrub the parts of the machine. For places that are too small to be brushed off, such as the nozzle opening the juice, use a small brush to scrub it.

  • Step 5 - Wash the blender knife and strainer: When washing the blender knife and the strainer, it is best to use a brush brush rather than a sponge brush. Scrub the blades and edges of the strainer with a brush thoroughly until clean. If you can't clean the strainer with a brush, try soaking it in a mixture of 1 part lemon juice and 9 parts water. This mixture will help you to remove stubborn scars from the sieve.

  • Step 6 - Dry the machine parts: After washing all the parts of the machine, rinse with hot water and dry with a towel or let dry naturally.

  • Step 7 - Wipe the camera body: Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the outside of the camera body, avoiding water from getting wet.

  • Step 8 - Assembly and storage: Finally, after the machine parts have been cleaned and dry, reinsert the machine parts and store them in a cool place so that the machine is well preserved for every use.

5. What are useful tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining the machine?

The juice and pulp can be easily cleaned with warm water. However, when left to dry, they become streaks that are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is best to rinse the blender immediately after using it. Some parts can be washed with bleach but others cannot be cleaned with detergents. Absolutely do not immerse or wash the body of the machine with water as this is the part that contains the juicer engine.

If you have to use the juicer blender several times a day, you will only need to wash it after the last use. Between other uses, you can rinse the machine with clean water or wrap the parts with food wrap and keep in the refrigerator. To remove the pulp quickly, you can place the nylon bag in the pulp container before use. Once pressed, just lift the jar and remove the plastic bag containing the residue.

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Final Thoughts

If you've decided to take your health to the next level, buying the best juicer blenders is one of the best choices you will make in life. You have all the flexibility to create delicious and healthy drinks for yourself as well as your family and friends. Here are our 10 top picks for you to consider. Hopefully with the above detailed description of the important things to think about when choosing the best juicer blenders will help you choose your best product.

Marry Mo
Marry Mo

I am a mother of two children. I love housewives and make a lot of delicious foods. As for my experience, blender and juicer machine are very important in the kitchen. So, in my spare time, I often write personal reviews to share useful information about these two machines.