Is buying a juicer worth it?

Is buying a juicer worth it?

If you want to start with a new nutrition & eat clean, you need to own a juicer. The reason for this is that it’s very easy to do at home. All you need is a little spare time during the day. And so, "Is buying a juicer worth it?", the answer is definitely "yes."

5 reasons why you should have a juicer for every type of kitchen

  • You can drink natural fresh juices every day without spending any time and money on trips to cafes or ordering juicers at home. It's very useful for young parents, lovers of cooking,  supporters of healthy lifestyles,...
  • Drinking natural fresh juicers can become a good habit to which all family members can be accustomed.
  • Most juicers’ modern models do not take up much space, especially easy to disassemble and make a glass of fresh juice can be obtained in just two or three minutes quickly.
  • Own a juicer that allows you to squeeze juice not only from apples, oranges, and carrots but also from tomatoes, pomegranates, beets, and even cabbage.
  • You will get a fiber fix and a sugar boost that you can be convenient for when on the go.

In short, I realize that the value of good health is priceless, so buying a juicer is a smart investment. Although you need an upfront cost for a good juicer, your budget, in the long run, is far greater than buying fruit juice outside.

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Something to consider before buying a juicer

First of all, like most things in life, you will get what you pay for it, the same as when you buy juicers. With a higher price comes higher juice yield, more features, an easier-to-clean product, better warranty, and vice versa.

Seriously, if you plan to make juicing a key part of nutrition clean, we recommend not skimping on the price, many people start off juicing by buying a cheap centrifugal juicer.

In my opinion, you can spend around $100 on a juicer because most of them are reasonably priced. However, they are only meant if you use them frequently.

If you are willing to spend £200+ you will get a high-quality juicer that should last you at least 10 years.

Second, to choose the juicer suitable for your budget, before deciding on the kind of juicer you want to buy, take a look at your daily routine first, and see how often you will use it.

Furthermore, you should specify what fruits, vegetables, and greens you plan to juice? Because this will heavily influence the best juicer for your needs.

Every day, try and estimate broadly what percentage of each of the following you plan to juice, including soft fruits, citrus fruits, harder fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

For example, you will juice approximately 10% soft fruits, 25% leafy greens, and 65% hard vegetables and fruits for people every day.

Next, you also need to consider its manual before buying. Nowadays, most juicers usually come with manuals. It helps you learn how to use the machine properly. Otherwise, you could damage it while you are at it.

In addition, an important thing to consider is the cost of replacement parts of the juicer because you don't want to spend money on a juicer repair kit every few months. After all, you need a long-wearing and good-quality juicer.

Of course, the quality of the juicer is very important. Some brands stand behind their product with a warranty and even a money-back guarantee. These companies invest in quality, you can consider.

Nowadays, juicers come with varying warranties. For example, most high-speed centrifugal juicers come with only 1-5 year warranties as the motors can burn out.

You know, many juicers now come with a variety of food processing features & accessories. People can make almond milk, soya, pasta, crush, nuts, kinds of butter, oils, home for just a few minutes.

However, you should use your juicer for juicing because most of these other food processing features could be done using a cheap food processor, and using your juicer regularly as a food processor could deteriorate its juicing performance.

Moreover, juicer design and aesthetics are also important. Most of the leading manufacturers now have tried to design a range of styles and colors for a contemporary kitchen environment.

Many juicers are quite large and most of them are of either horizontal or vertical persuasion. You need to consider more about the color of other appliances in your kitchen, compared with the size and shape of the juicer that you want to buy.

Let's make sure to have space around for your juicer and for the food ingredients you are juicing.

Besides, the convenience is also enough to make everybody eager to buy the juicers. They see the benefits of being able to juice fresh vegetables right from their kitchen countertop. There are tons of recipes out there for people who like to do juicing regularly. Let's find a perfect recipe that you can use regularly.

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5 tips for juicing that you should remember

If you're going to drink juice every day, here are five juicing tips to help ensure your health gets the most value for your effort.

  • Focus on vegetables, but include some fruit.
  • Include 1-2 root vegetables to add additional flavor and antioxidants. For example, beets, carrots,...
  • Add at least one leafy green vegetable and have a watery vegetable.
  • Don’t forget the garnish.
  • Remember to add a few scoops of the fiber that is filtered out by the juicer.

To top it off, you still need to eat your vegetables every day. Don’t assume that drinking your vegetables is the same as eating them, it’s different.

For example: With fructose, you will be concentrating vitamins and minerals from your vegetables, but you will also be losing a lot of fiber that slows digestion and helps you feel full.

So, juicing can add to your overall nutrient intake, it cannot replace your daily vegetable consumption.

Finally, if you're thinking of buying a juicer, you should know what you want before going out and buying it. Let's determine what kind of juicer you need, what kind of juice you want to make, and what brand name you're going to go with which helps you make an easy decision.