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Reusable Wide Mouth Smoothie Cups Boba Tea Cups Bubble Tea Cups with Lids and Gold Straws Ball Mason Jars Glass Cups (2-pack, 32 oz mason jars) Brand Capsule Classic

By Capsule Classic

  18 reviews

Product info:

• Color Clear
• Size 32 Ounces

Product features

Perfect for boba bubble tea pearls, smoothies, milk shakes, protein shakes

2 reusable Ball Glass Mason Jars, wide mouth, 32 oz each, made in the USA. NB: markings made by the producer ends with 24 oz on the jars sides, however their full size is 32 OZ from the bottom to the lid!!!!!

2 reusable gold straws, wide mouth, 8.5" x 0.5". Brand Capsule Classic

2 white plastic wide mouth lids, food safe, BPA free, pre-drilled for straws with 0.5" grommet hole. Brand Capsule Classic

2 silver storage wide mouth lids are 1-piece plastisol lined lids, leak-free and air-tight, made in the USA

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